This is an ongoing performance of meditation and other clowning. 

Sneaking in stories from childhood, working in healing circles, and story telling I offer a potentially cleansing or upsetting place for you. This may or may not be fiction. This has been offered in different ways:

Meditating with my Parents at Dixon Place directed by Eddie Prunoske with music by Luke Santy

The Perfect Perfect Live! at the Brick Theater with music by Luke Santy

⩔ ⩔ watch Meditating with my Parents here ⩔ ⩔

Meditating with my Parents was presented at Dixon Place, directed by Eddie Prunoske, music by Luke Santy and performed + written by Diana Stahl. Introduced by Anna O’Donoghue.

This version was performed one month after the death of D’s Mom. This is part performance part ritual.