• Creative Akashic Guidance •


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An Akashic Reading with Diana is a creative, loving and respectful way of honoring your soul’s presence. Working within the Akasha is like an embrace from each aspect of your life - and many aspects you may be unaware of. Using your legal name, we’ll enter the realm of your Soul’s vibration. As a conduit of this space, I’ll reflect the images, messages, yearnings and connections coming from your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. Each Reading is unique to each person who comes, what you can expect is a deep appreciation of your life and each of the lives who’ve supported yours. Even those you may never come in physical contact with!

With Diana’s lifetime experience in meditation, study and spiritual practices she’s able to deliver these reflections lucidly, with a touch of lalita (divine play) with her Scorpio rising deep dive.

Each Akashic Reading provides a preparatory workbook for grounding + clarity, a recording of your Reading + follow up rituals to further honor your life, pursuits, body + community.

Akashic Reading

60 min - $150

Readings are available in person or over the phone. Each person will receive a prep workbook for grounding, journal prompts to create clear questions and an audio Recording of the session. Phone clients will receive prompts on creating your personal ritual space for your Reading. :)

If finances are ever holding you back from a Reader, there are options available for those in need.